Venter & Hull Chartered Accountants Ltd
9th January 2018

We have found Bartercard to be a wonderful tool for our business and for our individual needs. It increases our turnover by encouraging new customers to use our services who may not otherwise have done so. The key is to maintain the balance between cash and trade to enable cash payments to certain suppliers. Our trade dollars are spent on business and personal spends; you just need to use your imagination or talk to your Trade Broker for specific items.

19th December 2017

Using Bartercard has opened up my business to a lot of nationwide customers. It has developed ongoing business which is a very positive situation. I regularly run Bartercard specials with our COmmercial Stamps which generates a lot of trade dollars. It allows me to use the Bartercard benefits with regards to paying for my accountant, Eftopos supplies, other business needs and the occasional personal gift, and even weekly massages - imperative for a busy business owner! It does work! Saving cash by using trade dollars makes good business sense.

Anna Watson
12th December 2017

I attended an end-of-year networking evening and dinner hosted by the Wellington branch of Bartercard. It was a fantastic, fun and informal way to get to know some of the other Bartercard members. Always love hearing what other SMEs across the region are doing, it is sure to inspire!

Marian McMurray
10th December 2017

I have been a member for about 17 years and have never had any problems spending or accepting Bartercard. I get great satisfaction from hearing other Bartercard members say 'I don't know where to spend my dollars.' I then talk to them to ask them what do they use for cleaning products, holidays, meals, and the list goes on. I am sure I have convinced many of these members to stay on. For as long as I am in business, I will belong to Bartercard!

EM Fuge Ltd
6th December 2017

We've been a member since 2004. Bartercard has and continues to meet so many of our business and personal needs. Over the past 13 years, our Bartercard knowledge and usage has grown to the point that we always say 'let's check Bartercard first.' The Bartercard options just keep growing and we love it.

Cushla Tangaere Manuel - East Coast Rugby
6th December 2017

Being a rugby club, we travel quite extensively. Having partnered with Bartercard since 2014, the sponsorship has allowed us to increase out travel opportunities for our teenage grade teams, while continuing with our Heartland campaign. We use our trade dollars mainly for rental cars, meals and some accommodation. Bartercard really does offer something for everyone with their good range of products and services. The staff know what's available and are always on hand to help. We are very grateful for the Bartercard sponsorship opportunity they've given us over the past few years. Long may it continue!

Sandi Hackett
22nd November 2017

Touch NZ has partnered with Bartercard for about nine years, and it's been nothing but beneficial, not only from the cash savings we've made through the subsidy sponsorship but more recently the trade dollar component. We've managed to strategically juggle the budget to receive cash savings in areas we expected to pay cash for, due to the trade sales we've made with equipment and merchandise that we've sold through trade. Our trade dollars don't go to waste. We use them to offset printing costs and this year, we're planning to use some of it for our staff Christmas event. We make it work for Touch NZ and I would encourage anything that is looking for subsidy sponsorship to give Bartercard serious consideration. IT's worth the time to make it work for you as you will benefit financially.

Mandy Kennedy
8th November 2017

Talk about get things done - issues with log-in sorted, questions re directory sorted, background on where to find what on the various websites sorted, APP for iphone sorted. 100% of queries addressed - thank you Alex you are a gem and a great asset to your company.

Paul He - Aorangi Peak Restaurant
6th November 2017

We have been using Bartercard for many years, we take casual Bartercard members and we accept big Bartercard functions as well. We find Bartercard is a useful business tool to take advantage of our daily spare capacity, in this way, our business generates extra value to offset our business and personal cash expense from time to time. We like the idea of Bartercard delivering, which is exchanging products and services by not using cash. Also, the interest-free credit line is very useful to us. If you truly understand Bartercard concept and you do see its value in long-term business development. I highly recommend Bartercard to business owners, use it smart and use it well!

Michele Henry - Burns Support Group
5th November 2017

Burns Support Group has had the sponsorship support of Bartercard for the past three years. During that time, we've found the relationship works really well in providing help to save cash when the charity has required resources and other useful items. The resources we provide throughout the country are of our highest costs, to be able to half these cots and build a good relationship with a sponsor partner over further time can also be time-saving.