Gary Rainey
23rd October 2017

Bartercard has been a great addition to our business, we use it for all manor of business expenses as well as the odd luxary item that pops up. Once we figured out how it would best work for us everything just fell into place. I would highly recommend Bartercard as a means of increasing your business income. The assigned territory trade brokers give you one point of contact and they are worth their weight in trade dollars, they make everything very easy.

Melva Martin
18th October 2017

Recently, I found myself with an awful lot of bartercard dollars. So.. I started looking to see what I could buy. Imagine my surprise when I discovered I can purchase almost anything I need with bartercard dollars. It is a fantastic way to shop. It is easy and staff are superb. They will find anything I can't find for myself too.. Beautiful barter card people!

Davina Powney
17th October 2017

Sue invited us to The Breakers game. I found Sue to be friendly, polite and very helpful. The night was very enjoyable and Sue was very helpful when it came to discussing Bartercard with us.

Gill Lathwood
17th October 2017

The CSG trading services team in North Auckland have been brilliant since we have spoken with Sue Liederman. She and the rest of the team have been listening to what we would like from our experiences with Bartercard and they are making it happen. We were delighted to be gifted 2 tickets to the Breakers game on Friday night which was a really nice gift and really appreciated. thanks to the team for their hard work and we look forward to continuing and growing our relationship with you.

17th October 2017

Delvin Flow has been a Bartercard member since 2009. This has been an amazing portal in delivering to us on a couple of fronts. Firstly, our Trade Broker is outstanding. She has spent time learning about our business, our needs and our product base. She is constantly looking at opportunities that would suit our business, for example, travel, accommodation, vehicle servicing etc. We have three reps on the road and most of our accommodation and dining is with Bartercard member motels and restaurants etc. She is also active in marketing and promoting surplus stock we may have from time to time. Bartercard has been like having an extra salesperson without all the other issues that go with hiring staff. it has brought us a whole new client base we wouldn't have otherwise found.

Ian Irvine
16th October 2017

Alex stepped thru what to post to marketplace, good understanding and helpful advice.

Nathan Harris
12th October 2017

Hi Team, I have recently joined Bartercard and I just wanted to tell you Michelle Thompson from Palmerston North branch has been Awesome. She's really helped me with both my cash business as well as some great Barter jobs. Really loving Bartercard and looking forward to a great future. Thanks Nathan Harris.

14th August 2017

Bartercard gives us an edge when competing for work and we've secured many good contracts from out of town simply by being a member. It's the best of both worlds; fitting in well with our cash business, while helping us conserve cash by allowing us to spend our trade dollars on business expenses. Being a part of the Bartercard network has undoubtedly had a positive impact on our cash flow.

David Melse
20th June 2017

If you're in business and you have any downtime you need to look into Bartercard. I've used the network to reach new customers that I might have struggled to reach on my own. I then use the revenue to improve my lifestyle and fuel my coffee addiction. It is important that you understand the Bartercard model and enlist the help of your Trade Broker or fellow members if needed. There are downsides and It's important have a grasp of the concept to avoid any issues.

14th June 2017

The network is a great community where I can use trade dollars to purchase stock and everyday business items including eftpos rolls, receipt books, first aid kit, staff gifts, display items and uniforms, as well as on maintenance and repairs. Since becoming a member, I've seen increased trade from corporate clients who have now become regular customers, and an increase in nationwide clients which I would not have had exposure to within the cash economy.