Michael G Pollard
6th December 2017

Long & Cowan's handling of my tax affairs was up to their usual high standard. I have been using their services since 1994.

Stuart F. O'Connell
6th December 2017

I am not in a position to operate my finances according to modern legislation which I find overly complex. Long and Cowan graciously accepted my portfolio and since they have taken over, from a law firm, I have been more than satisfied. Where I have had to make further decisions, they have given me sufficient time and information to do so. Their approach has always been clear and helpful.

Sarah Laurenson And Alan Dine
25th July 2017

Ben's suggestion that we move our accounts onto Xero has made for a win-win situation for both ourselves and Long & Cowan when our tax return is due.

Colin Daley
16th March 2017

Long and Cowan provided accurate, timely and important information relating to tax requirements. They went out of their way to research a difficult issue on our behalf and supported and guided us through an involved process of preparing and submitting accounts to IRD.

James Abernethy
14th March 2017

You keep our accounts up to date and work with IRD on our behalf. Thanks

27th February 2017

We certainly need their help as we are both in our 80's. We always find them to be very professional and helpful.

21st February 2017

Since taking onboard your services our smaill Corporate Body has been transformed. No longer are we flying blind and without anywhere to turn for accurate and meaningful advice.

Dr VB Cook
12th January 2017

Long + Cowan's service is very good especially considering the fact that I am located in a remote (Marlborough) province!! I hope to continue the relationship - always bearing in mind at 93 years of age events may overtake us. I have been a client of the firm for over 26 years.

Jim Mackle
21st December 2016

Long & Cowan have always provided me with good service and on time. Over the years I have followed them through various office relocations and I really appreciate the friendly service that has always been given.

28th September 2016

Overall satisfied