16th June 2016

This program is good for any parent that needs help with their children, giving good examples of problem solving with issues of behaviour.

14th June 2016

Would recommend this programme.

7th June 2016

This programme was very helpful to me and family learning about listening and taking time out.

19th May 2016

I did the Incredible Years and this was a great follow on from that, giving help to improve how I do things at home.

11th May 2016

It's an unthreatening environment to get helpful strategies for managing helping out with teens. Things I took away: A look at the bigger picture of what's going on for my teen; That I'm not the only one having struggles and it's normal.

6th May 2016

They are great people.

19th April 2016

Awesome, well worth it. Good way of learning together and understanding we're all human.

19th April 2016

Very good for opening your eyes to other ways to deal with our children in a positive way.

17th January 2016

Join the parenting group, it's great!

17th November 2015

It helps and benefits you in every way for your child.